Why do brakes fail?

Feb 09

Every year, numerous car-related incidents have occurred due to brake failure. Unfortunately, car accidents involving faulty brakes can be debilitating, and at times, fatal. West Palm Beach car accident attorneys would probably point out how some instances of brake failure are a result of faulty brake components that have been manufactured below quality standards. In most cases, however, brake failure is a result of poor car maintenance. Here, we’ll get to learn three of the most common causes of brake failure:

Brake oil leak
Brake oil serves as the ‘cable’ which connects your brake pedal to your pistons. When you slam your brakes, brake oil applies pressure to your brake pistons and callipers to initiate the whole process of braking. However, when brake oil leaks into your brake components, it may interfere with friction, causing your brakes to fail. Before hitting the road, check if your brake components are leaking oil. If so, contact your mechanic for a brake repair.

Inadequate brake oil
A brake pedal that’s too soft could mean that the level of your brake oil is too low. Inspect brake oil level before leaving your driveway. Also, brake oil should be replaced every four years or 48,000 miles whichever comes first.

Worn out brake pads
Brake pads are important brake components that initiate friction. If you hear a squeal every time you hit your brakes, chances are your brake pads are so thin that the friction is now being initiated at your brake’s rotor. Brake pads should be regularly replaced, usually every year, to prevent wear out.

Hard spots in brake rotors and drums
When your brakes overheat, your brake drums or rotors may develop hard spots (or hot spots) in which friction is lesser. Decreased friction could mean less braking power, increasing your risk of car-related incidents.

Vigilance is always the key in preventing brake-related accidents. By properly maintaining your brakes and inspecting them before you hit the road, you are significantly reducing your risk of getting into a road crash.

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