Information About No Zone Truck Accidents

Oct 06

Given their sheer size and weight, any accidents involving trucks will surely be devastating. One of the common reasons for the occurrence of truck accidents is the inability of the driver to see their so-called no zone areas or blind spot. The website of LaMarca Law Group P.C., reveal that truck drivers cannot see their blind sports unless they physically turn to look at them. Recognizing no-zone areas is essential before a driver switches lane or makes a turn.

Trucks have four major blind spots around their tractor and trailer components. Clearing these no-zone areas is important in avoiding collision with any vehicle hidden in the blind spot. As such, when the truck collides with another vehicle, accidents may ensue and the driver may be held liable for any damages. The size and exact location of no-zone areas is dependent on the truck itself. For trucks with long trailers, they will usually have bigger blind spots at the rear. In most instances, however, commercial trucks have landing spots which may include the following:

  • A shallow space located in front of the truck
  • A longer and more extensive area behind the truck
  • A small area on the driver’s side of the truck
  • A much larger space found on the passenger side of the circe

Although it will help drivers a lot to be aware of a truck’s blind pots, it still boils down to the negligence of a truck driver in failing to see where the blind spots of the truck they are diving. When the truck collides with another driver, they can be held liable for any damages that they will incur. So the best way to avoid colliding with these vehicles is to drive at a safe distance. By doing this, you will be able to react to road situations.

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