Avoiding motorcycle crashes

Feb 13

Every year, thousands of people are being injured due to motorcycle-related crashes. According to the website of Green Bay personal injury lawyers at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.®, incidents involving motorcycles could be a result of almost anything: poor road condition, DUI, reckless and distracted driving, defective motorcycle components, among many others.

In most cases, drivers could get involved in a motorcycle-related incident if he is still developing awareness of the risks associated with these two-wheeled vehicles. So, it is important for motorcycle drivers to recognize risks that could trigger injurious, sometimes deadly, motorcycle crashes:

A vehicle switches lane into you

When on the road, some car drivers are ‘programmed’ to watch out for and react to cars, but not to motorcycles, possibly because motorcycles are smaller and are harder to notice. There are instances when a car veers towards your lane without you being noticed. To avoid rear hitting the car in front of you, always maintain safe distance. That way, you are allowing yourself enough time to react when such scenarios happen.

A vehicle turn left towards you in an intersection

Again, because motorcycles are more difficult to notice, drivers turning left in an intersection may fail to see you or may misjudge your distance and speed. When entering into an intersection, remember to slow down by covering your brakes slowly. You should also be aware of any signs that could indicate that a car is turning in front of you. Signal lights are the best way to determine what direction the car will take in its turn. Also, a gap between the car and the center gutter might indicate that it is preparing for a left turn.

Road obstruction in a blind corner

Some motorcycle-related accidents are triggered by road obstructions ahead of a blind corner. Because of too much speed, it can be too late for motorcycle drivers not to hit the obstruction after rounding a corner. To avoid this situation, always enter a curve slowly, so as to give yourself enough time to react to road obstructions.

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