Why Couples Get Divorced

Aug 04

Divorce can be a life-changer. Aside from the personal hassles, you also have to think about the legalities, like who is going to get custody of the child, how much alimony will be given if granted, and how will the properties be divided. According to the website of Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, these are just some of the legal aspects that can be in dispute upon divorce. It can be a legal nightmare. So, before you dive into it, make sure that you think you are doing the right thing.

But why do couples go their separate ways to begin with? There are many reasons why, and they can be a case-to-case basis. But below are some of the most common factors that may trigger a separation.

Getting married for the wrong reasons

Not all legitimate couples have a happily ever after. Many of them get too much problems until they become unsolvable. Those are the understandable kinds of divorces.

But there are others who just marry for the wrong reasons, like trying to cash in from a rich spouse, not wanting to back out just because of how long the couple have been together, marrying just because he or she doesn’t want to grow old alone and so will settle for anyone. Many of these marriages just end with divorce, leaving all parties unhappy.

Disagreeing in financial decisions

Money is a big factor in relationships, especially when couples are already married. They may have more liabilities in the form of mortgages, educational expenses for children, savings, and just expenses for everyday life.

Because it is such a huge factor, it is not surprising that it has been the cause of many divorces, like when the spouses do not agree with saving and spending habits or a spouse not being able to fulfil his or her financial obligations.

Failing to resolve conflicts

All relationships will encounter problems, but not all will handle them well. Some resolve the conflicts through properly communicating with their spouses, lowering their pride, and giving room for compromise. But there are some that will just not budge.

Some problems may not be worth budging for, like adultery and domestic violence, so those cases are understandable. But some divorces occur just because the couples fail to communicate, lower their pride, and compromise, until the problems are too big and they emotionally drift from each other.

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